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A Little XLNT History

Since 1894, XLNT Foods has been a part of California’s history.

Starting out as a push cart on the side of Southern California roads, XLNT became a popular lunch time meal for some of California’s earliest residents. It was Californians’ love for the recipe that allowed XLNT to be one of the first tamales to be distributed and sold directly to grocery stores. To this day it is a staple item in Southern California grocery stores, easily recognized on the shelf by its red, white and blue packaging.


 XLNT has been locally owned its entire existence. We have made sure that the line remains true to tradition and serves the area that helped it to become a remembered and cherished treat to this day.

Even after all these years XLNT’s recipe remains the same. All of our tamales are cooked in small batches with our signature spice blend to create their time honored taste.

Unlike other companies who load their tamales up with the cheap stuff, we stuff our tamales full of delicious seasoned beef. Our tamales contain 60% filling, which not only gives you a better taste but also gives you a better value. We then go the extra step and cook our filling and masa together so it creates a softer and more flavorful tamale.

So whether you have grown up with us or are trying us for the first time, after one bite you’ll know why XLNT’s been making tamales for over 100 years.